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Here at Protex Pest Control Services, it will come as no surprise to learn that we love to share our pest insights.  Here you will find helpful hints, tips and advice on how to combat common pest problems.  Whether its rats, mice, cockroaches or pigeons, we have a story to tell.

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Our Managing Director Jim England is the ‘go to’ source of expertise for many of the UK’s top TV channels when they need an expert in the field. He has appeared on BBC Breakfast, Channel 4 News and many more besides. Please take a look below at a selection of snippets from our library.

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To get rid of bed bugs contact Protex Pest Control Services in London

How do I prevent bedbugs?

Preventing bedbugs from getting into your home, isn’t easy. As it is usually the eggs that will transfer onto your clothing, they are too small to detect with the naked eye.

However, you can be on the lookout for obvious signs in places where there is a high footfall such as public transport.

For advice and to get rid of bedbugs contact Protex Pest Control in London.

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Pest proofing for autumn. Top tips for a pest control professional.

Autumn Pest Proofing – top tips from a pest control expert

During autumn, it’s time to think about pest proofing your property before the colder winter months arrive. During the winter many pests will seek food and shelter in residential and commercial properties. Read our top tips to help you prevent a pest invasion this winter.

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Dirty Britain

Dirty Britain Protex Pest Control was asked to take part in the very popular ITV series Dirty Britain, produced by WILD Pictures. Their film crew

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ITV News

Protex Pest Control on ITV News Rats – they are everywhere… Even the Prime Minister can’t escape them! In this clip you see our Chief

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Channel 4 News

Featured Posts Channel 4 News discuss the influx of rats in London and how some people are choosing to get a household cat in the

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