What pests can breed all year round?

There are a few persistent pests that can breed all year round.  Ensure your property is pest free for 2023

Residential and commercial properties can attract a wide range of pests all year round.  In almost every case the pests are seeking food and shelter.   If you have a problem, get in touch with us straightaway for advice.  Off the shelf remedies may seem to be a cheaper way, but they often don’t solve the issue and it will cost you more in the long term.

Read our list of the most common pests you may find living and breeding in your property, and what you can do to prevent them from entering in the first place.


You will find feral pigeons in the UK all year round.  They will often choose to nest on rooftops, or balconies, with a nearby food source (usually human food left lying around). A small number of pigeons can quickly turn into a flock if left untreated.  The mess caused by their droppings can leave a bad impression of a business, and can corrode stonework, metals and brickwork.

There are a wide range of pigeon deterrents.  The right one will depend on your property.   A professional bird control expert will recommend the best pigeon deterrent for you.  Don’t attempt to install it yourself, the wrong type of deterrent can injure the birds or will simply not work, and the pigeons will return.    Read more about bird deterrents here.

Mice and Rats

Rats and mice are commonly found in homes during the winter.  They do not hibernate but may be a little quieter as they seek to reserve their energy. This can mean they are harder to detect. For many of our clients the first tell-tale signs are chewed cables, which rats and mice will gnaw to keep their teeth in tip top condition.

To prevent them from entering your home, check outside for small gaps and holes in drains, walls or air vents and ensure they are sealed up.  If you find a gap bigger than a biro pen, a mouse can fit through it.  It’s important to keep food stored safely in sealed containers and ensure all rubbish is disposed in sealed bags and put into a bin with a lid.  


One of the most common ways for bedbugs to get into your home, is in clothing or luggage.  They will be difficult to detect at first but will soon start breeding in your soft furnishings. The most common sign of bed bugs are reddish brown spots on your bedding and bites on your skin which can be sore and itchy.

You should not try to get rid of bed bugs yourself. Research suggests that they have evolved to resist some insecticides, so it is essential to contact the Protex Pest Control team, who will only use the latest professional solutions available to the pest control trade.

Preventing bedbugs from getting into your home, isn’t easy, but be on the lookout for them if you are in places where there is a high footfall.  It is common to blame hotels for spreading bedbugs.  While most hotels will be bedbug free, there is no harm inspecting the bed for any tell-tale signs.  You can also thoroughly check your clothes before you return.   Once home, wash your clothes in a hot wash. 

If you are buying second-hand furniture, always examine it thoroughly for bedbugs, or any other pests such as fleas.


They live in the nightmares of restaurateurs but are very real. The nocturnal creatures can go unnoticed for a long time and will breed quickly. Off-the-shelf remedies are available, but often fail as the user has missed a hard-to-reach spot, where cockroaches and their eggs have survived.  They will then multiply all over again.  Cockroaches can pose a direct health risk to humans; therefore, it is essential to contact a professional pest control company to treat the problem.

If you have cockroaches, you may notice an unpleasant, musty odour, or droppings that look like little black dots.  There may also be damage to food bags or packaging as they burrow into them to feed.

To keep cockroaches away, cleanliness and hygiene are top of the list. It’s important to clean under cupboards, cookers, and fridges where food crumbs gather.  Store all food in sealed containers, in cupboards or the fridge. Rubbish should be in sealed bags and put into bins with lids. Empty your bins regularly.

You should also check your premises for gaps, cracks, or holes, as these are ideal entry points for cockroaches.

Helping you to stop the pests in their tracks

The best way to prevent any pest from entering your home or business is to take preventative measures.  Protex Pest Control will help you to pest proof your property with the most effective applications for your situation. 

Our technicians will find any weak spots around the property, that may be a good entry point for pests.  They will also consider the challenges you face each season and design a plan to protect your home or business from pests into the future.

To talk to us about our pest prevention or pest management services for residential and commercial properties.

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