Bird Deterrent Services in London

Professional Bird Deterrent Services in North London, Central London, South London and surrounding areas

Pest birds, such as pigeons, can be hugely disruptive for any business or property owner  because they cause a mess; can spread disease and damage building work.  Protex Pest Control Bird Deterrent Services will ensure you have the best deterrents in place to solve the problem.

Typically, pigeons and gulls are the most common pests we deal with each day.  They can breed the whole year round if there is a regular food source and are happy to scavenge. This means they are commonly found in urban areas, cities, and stadiums.

Once you have contacted us, the first step of the Protex Pest Control Bird Deterrent Service is an assessment by one of our pest control technicians.  First, we will consider the type of bird, its nesting habits, and the size of the colony.  Then we will understand your business needs and provide you with an effective, safe and discreet bird deterrent solution.  All our systems are non-lethal and seek to adjust and manage the behaviour of nuisance birds over a short period of time.

In the meantime, try to keep food sources hidden away, and any areas that are easily accessible to nuisance birds, clean from food debris and waste.  You should also ensure any refuse areas and bins are tightly sealed.  A gull or pigeon can easily break into bin bags, creating an unsightly mess and added health risks.

Why choose Protex Bird Control Services?

We are BPCA accredited, have our own IRATA qualified rope access installers and are IPAF and PASMA certified operators.

Our service includes:

  • Comprehensive surveys
  • Full insurance
  • Prevention control
  • Guano removal
  • Rope access

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Types of Bird Deterrent

The Bird Control Division at Protex Pest Control is a team of trained specialists who will ensure you receive the right treatment for your business or property.

Wherever possible, we will use discreet, methods of pest bird removal which will resolve your problem without harming the birds.

Bird Gels – Our gels are a non-toxic, long lasting and low-profile solution to deter pest birds. They are used both indoors and outdoors, and on top of steel structures, such as bridges and satellites. The gels give off an ultraviolet light and secrete natural oils and odours which deter the birds.

Bird Pointing or Anti Perch Spikes – A fast and effective solution for eradicating nuisance birds is the use of specialist bird points, commonly known as spikes. The bird points or spikes create an effective and harmless deterrent that stops birds from roosting or resting in the treated areas. They can be used on windowsills, rooftops and pipework where there is light or medium infestation. Bird spikes points come in a range of sizes, we will provide the correct sized spikes for your bird problem.

Bird Wire – a modern and discreet deterrent often used for glass fronted buildings. Protex wire systems are cost effective, low-profile and 100% humane.

Bird Netting – a low-profile, discreet control measure. We use long lasting polyethylene netting that withstands weathering and stops birds from nesting or resting in the treated areas.

Falconry Response – If disruptive birds are causing problems at your place of work, hawking / falconry can provide a completely natural solution. Using trained birds of prey, such as hawks, we provide custom programmes to target the affected areas.

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