Pest control for residential properties

Protex Pest Control will safely remove pests from your property and advise you on preventative measures for the future.

Domestic Control Measures

Remove pests from your home with Protex Pest Control

Have you discovered a rat in your home?  Perhaps you have an invasion of mice, cockroaches or even bedbugs?  Our professional pest control technicians will safely remove pests from your property and help you to prevent them from coming back in the future.

Domestic / Residential Pest Control Services

When you discover a pest in your home, it can be distressing and embarrassing, but rest assured, pests are common, in fact most households will experience a pest problem at some time.  In most cases an infestation can be treated quickly and easily.

Our pest control technicians have extensive experience solving pest problems in domestic / residential properties.  When you arrange a visit, we will assess the problem and start treatment immediately if required.

We will also give you a personalised plan, which sets out what we will do to remove the pests and advise on what you can do to prevent further infestations.    If a repeat visit is required, you will see the same Protex Pest Control technician each time – we do not subcontract any aspect of our work.

We will help you deal with a wide range of pests from ants and bedbugs to mice and woodworm.  To see a list of some of the most common pests we deal with daily, see our pest index here.   If you suspect you have a pest that isn’t on our list, don’t worry, it’s most likely we’ll still be able to help.

Qualified pest control technicians for residential properties
  • Accredited by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).
  • Personalised Treatment Plans.
  • Flexible Appointments.
  • Including early mornings, specified time slots & Saturdays.
  • Key Collection Service.

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