Pest control services for stadiums, sports & entertainment venues

Experienced rope access and abseiling expertise to control pests in stadiums and entertainment venues

Stadiums, sport and entertainment venues can play host to a number of pests.  The team at Protex Pest Control have experience working within these venues to prevent and remove the most common pests.

Pigeons commonly settle in larger venues where there is a high footfall and regular food source.  Unfortunately, they pose a health risk and their acidic droppings can corrode buildings.  The specialist Bird Control Division at Protex Pest Control will work with you to remove pigeons and to prevent future infestation.  We use a variety of techniques and will recommend the most appropriate solution for your venue. These include gels, pointing, netting and wire.  We have IRATA qualified abseilers with extensive experience of complex installations on multi-story buildings, skyscrapers, car parks and stadiums.  Read more about our bird control division here.

To see an example of how bird netting is deterring birds at a Football stadium in London, watch this video on our You Tube channel.

Cockroaches, mice and rats will find themselves at home in stadiums, sport and entertainment venues.  Food stalls, cafes, snacks and drinks bought by visitors provide the perfect food source for these pests.  In addition to your own stringent hygiene measures, the team at Protex Pest control will provide a bespoke pest prevention strategy to help minimise a pest infestation.

We provide bespoke pest preventions strategies for stadiums, sport and entertainment venues in London, the Home Counties and surrounding areas.

Our experienced technician will visit the site to conduct a thorough survey of the site.

You will receive a quotation and list of recommendations to prevent pest infestations and actions required for ongoing prevention.

We will implement effective and discreet solutions on your premises.

You will receive check-up visits as agreed to maintain the measures that are in place.

Pest removal in stadiums, sport and entertainment venues in London, the Home Counties and surrounding areas.

If you discover a pest problem on site, contact us as quickly as possible. Pests such as mice, rats, pigeons and cockroaches can spread disease, so it is essential to seek professional help to resolve the situation safely. A Protex Pest Control technician will visit your premises, assess the situation, and start treatment immediately if required. We will also ensure that you are advised on any further actions to comply with laws such as the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, The Food Safety Act 1990 and The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002.

We are fully insured, BPCA accredited and CEPA certified to EN 16636.

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