Discourage Pest Birds

Expert Assessment

Protex provides a wide range of bird deterrent solutions for both commercial and domestic clients. Our specialists initially carry out a survey to gauge the correct method of prevention. All our systems are non-lethal, working to adjust and manage the behavior of nuisance birds over a short period of time.

Pigeon deterrent services by Protex

Types of Bird Deterrent

Bird Gels

The gels we use are a non-toxic, long lasting and low-profile solution to deter pest birds. They are used both indoors and outdoors, and on top of steel structures, such as bridges and satellites. The gels give off an ultraviolet light and secrete natural oils and odours which deter the birds.

Bird Pointing

A fast and effective solution for eradicating nuisance birds is the use of specialist bird points, commonly known as spikes. The bird points create an effective and harmless deterrent that stops pests from roosting or resting in the treated areas.

Bird Wire

Bird wire is a modern and discreet deterrent often used for glass fronted buildings. Protex wire systems are cost effective, low-profile and 100% humane.

Falconry Response

If disruptive birds are causing problems at your place of work, hawking / falconry can provide a completely natural solution. Using trained birds of prey, such as hawks, we provide custom programmes to target the affected areas.

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