Clean up bird droppings. Professional cleaning & clearance services for residential properties.

Guano cleaning – we will clean and remove bird droppings from your property

If you have a problem with pest birds such as pigeons, you’ll be familiar with the mess they leave near or on your home.  It can be a challenge to safely remove it yourself, so you will need professional guano cleaning services.

Common pest control issues, such as bird guano, can pose bacterial and microbiological health risks.

The team at Protex Pest Control are qualified to deal with these issues in residential and commercial properties.  As certified licensed waste carriers, we are able to clear debris, waste and guano off-site, safely and professionally.

We offer a range of clearance and cleaning services that are designed to work in conjunction with our professional pest control treatments. We work hard to maintain the highest level of hygiene across all areas of our work.

If you need advice about bird deterrents and how to stop pigeons from nesting on your property, our bird control team can help.

Professional guano removal

Bird droppings (guano) can carry bacteria that are considered harmful to public health.  If left untreated this will get worse over time.  The corrosive nature of guano is also bad news for buildings, causing damage to brickwork and stonework.

Usually, birds will seek out high spaces to nest, such as balconies, ledges and roofs.  This makes it a dangerous environment, especially if you do not have the correct equipment.

The Protex Pest Control team have the appropriate Personal Protective Equipment to carry out the job.  We also have our own IRATA qualified rope access installers  and can safely get to those hard to reach places.

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Our cleaning and clearance treatments are designed to work around your schedule, to ensure discretion and cause minimal disruption to your day.

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