Bird Waste, Pigeon Droppings and Guano Cleaning and Removal

Cleaning and Removing Bird Guano and Bird Droppings

Bird dropping removal – If there is a build up of pigeon or bird droppings on, or near your building, it is important to have it removed. You will help to protect your building and eliminate the risk to human health by thoroughly cleaning guano or bird droppings.

Bird droppings, commonly known as guano, can pose a range of problems to buildings.  It is corrosive and can damage metals, brickwork and stonework.  It can also cause permanent damage if not dealt with in good time.

But on top of that guano can be a threat to public health and it is essential to deal with it quickly.  The droppings can spread nasty pathogens such as ornithosis, listeria and e-coli. When dry, guano can become airborne and lead to respiratory complaints such as psittacosis, and the cryptococcus fungus.

Then there is a health and safety risk of slips and trips, and the fact that birds and their nests can harbour parasites such as mites, ticks, fleas and beetles.

Guano cleaning / bird dropping removal service

Protex Pest Control is a fully licensed provider of bird dropping and bird guano cleaning.

We will safely remove guano and sterilise the surrounding areas to kill any remaining pathogens. All the waste is removed and taken off-site in a discreet and professional manner.

Our technician will also advise you on ongoing building maintenance and preventative measures for the future.

It is important to recognise that all UK bird species are protected by law (Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981) including their nests and eggs, so we do strongly recommend you speak us before attempting to tackle the job yourself.

Preventing pigeon droppings near your property

Bird control measures can prevent birds from nesting in areas where it is not safe.

We specialise in pigeon removal and pigeon deterrents.  We also have qualified rope access technicians who will be able to access tall buildings, roofs and balconies to safely install effective bird deterrents such as spikes, gels or bird nettting.

To see an example of our work, watch this ‘before’ and ‘after’ video on our You Tube Channel.
Protex Pest Control bird dropping and guano removal services
  • Environment Agency Licensed waste carriers.
  • Discreet guano removal for businesses.
  • Roped Access for exteriors.
  • Pet and child safe services.
Before & After Cleaning Pigeon Guano

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