Bird Control – Rope Access for tall buildings

Protex Pest Control Bird Control Division – Rope Access

Often a colony of birds such as pigeons or gulls will find a nesting spot on your roof, high out of reach of the tallest of ladders.  But for these hard-to-reach jobs, Protex Pest Control has a specialist team of IRATA qualified rope access technicians.

Our certified abseiling team is available to assist with any pest control measures that require the use of roped access.

This means, whatever the height of your building, we can remove the infestation, clean the bird droppings and prevent recurrence in the future.

We have experience using rope access in a broad range of establishments from hospitals to office blocks and sports stadiums in London, the Home Counties and surrounding areas.

Remember, if you have a problem with birds, it is important to tackle the problem quickly.  As well as causing damage to buildings and corroding stone and metal work, some birds and their droppings can carry dangerous pathogens.  This makes them a public health risk.

Reduce Costs with Protex Pest Control Services in London

The cost of all Protex bird control solutions are competitive as all works are completed by our in-house team. This includes our abseiling experts when we are dealing with multi-story installations, repairs or removals.

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