Why DIY pigeon control can backfire.

Pigeons have almost become as synonymous with London as the iconic red bus. Unfortunately, their presence can quickly become a nuisance causing droppings, noise, and potential health risks. Many Londoners, frustrated by pigeon problems, might consider tackling the issue themselves. However, trying DIY pigeon removal and bird deterrents can often backfire, leading to bigger problems and potential harm.  Hiring a professional bird control expert in London is the wiser choice.

The dangers of DIY pigeon control

Incomplete removal: Trying to trap pigeons, is not a recommended approach and doesn’t address the root of the problem. It’s crucial to remember that pigeons are protected under the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981. This act prohibits the intentional killing, injuring, or taking of any wild bird, including pigeons. Attempting incomplete removal methods that could inadvertently harm pigeons might land you in legal hot water.

Improper cleaning: Pigeon droppings, or guano, can contain harmful bacteria. Improper cleaning attempts can release these pathogens into the air, posing a health risk, especially for those with respiratory issues. A professional bird control expert has the expertise and equipment to safely clean and disinfect affected areas, minimising health risks.

Ineffective deterrents: Poorly installed bird deterrents can harm pigeons, they may become injured or trapped. If not installed correctly, bird netting often lacks the right weather resistance, leading to rapid deterioration. It can become brittle, sag, and tear, creating an unsightly mess and will not deter pigeons effectively.  What’s more, poorly secured netting can flap in the wind, disturbing both you and the birds, and potentially causing further damage to your property.

Leave it to the bird control experts.

The bird control team at Protex Pest Control understand London’s specific pigeon challenges and can implement effective, humane deterrents tailored to the city’s unique environment.

Expertise and experience tailored to London’s pigeon challenges

First assessment: We will begin with a thorough inspection of your property, identifying the specific species and all the potential nesting sites.

Developing a humane and effective strategy: Based on the assessment, we will recommend a tailored solution for your pigeon problem.  This will include a combination of proven, humane, and legal methods for pigeon control and pigeon deterrents.

Abseiling expertise for high-rise buildings: London boasts numerous tall buildings, and many pigeon problems occur in these hard-to-reach areas. Our bird control team has qualified abseilers who can safely access even the most challenging locations to install bird deterrents and ensure complete coverage to prevent pigeons from nesting on the building in the future.

Safe cleaning and disinfection: The pigeon droppings (guano) will be removed by our pest control technicians, who have the correct equipment and training to safely handle and dispose of guano.

Long-term prevention: We will advise on any future steps necessary to deliver a long-term solution.

Compliance with regulations: All our methods are humane, legal, and adhere to wildlife protection laws.

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