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Safely remove and deter pigeons. Qualified rope access technicians.

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Pest control removal and pest prevention services for landlords and businesses.

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Get rid of pests in your home and stop them from returning.

Pest control trade support

We work with other pest control companies to complete bird proofing installations on their behalf.

Professional Pest Control and Bird Control Services

Guaranteed Pest Control Services in London

Protex Pest Control provides safe, effective, professional pest control services in London and its surrounding areas. 

Get in touch with us if you have a problem with; bedbugs, cockroaches, fleas, mice, moths, pharaohs ants, pigeons, rats,  silverfish, squirrels, to name a few.

We have been helping residential and commercial property owners in North London, South London and the surrounding areas with their pest problems for more than 10 years.

Certified Pest Control Team

The technicians at Protex Pest Control Services are qualified to the stringent standards laid down by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).  The BPCA represents excellence, professionalism and promotes best practice.

When you contact us, we will arrange a convenient time slot for one of our Protex Pest Control experts to visit your property.  They will thoroughly assess your premises to identify the problem.  You will then receive a personalised treatment plan to deal with your pest problem. All our treatments are professional, safe and effective.   We will also advise you on any actions you can take to prevent any future infestations.

Whatever your pest problem, get in touch today and one of our experts will discuss the right solution for you.

Bird Control Services in London

Pigeons are the most common pest bird we work with in London.  Our focus is to safely remove the pigeons from your property.  We will then install effective bird deterrents to stop them from returning in the future.

Our bird control experts will recommend the most suitable bird deterrent for your property when they visit your site.  This will range from bird netting, bird spikes, gels or wire.  We can install effective solutions wherever they are needed. This could be on window ledges, balconies or rooftops.  We also have experience working in car parks, stadiums and industrial units.  If you have pigeons nesting in tower blocks or high buildings, our certified abseiling team will handle it. They can access even the tallest of buildings to install effective bird deterrents and clean any bird droppings.

Please don’t try to remove any pest birds by yourself. This is a job for a qualified bird control company.  Wild birds and their eggs in the UK are protected by law and only pest control professionals are allowed to deal with certain species.

The Protex specialist bird control division will provide a full end to end service to remove and deter birds from your property. 

Protex Pest Control Trade Services

We also work alongside other pest control businesses as extra support for large bird control projects or as a white label service where a pest control company does not have the bird control expertise inhouse.   Read more about our bird control services for the trade here.

Why Should You Use Professional Pest Control Services?

DIY pest control can be risky, as in most cases is unlikely to deter pests permanently and can sometimes make the problem worse. Our professional pest control experts know how to deal with pests in the safest and most effective way.

You should always contact us if you have:

Severe infestations: If you’re dealing with a large or persistent infestation, we will provide more targeted and effective treatment.

Difficult-to-reach areas: Our pest control technicians have the equipment and expertise to access and treat areas you might not be able to reach yourself.

Health hazards: Certain pests, like bed bugs, rats, mice, cockroaches and pigeons can pose significant health risks. In these cases, professional intervention is crucial.

Pest Control Services Tips And Insights

Click on the titles below to read our pest control tips and insights.

Pest control all year round

Residential and commercial properties can attract a wide range of pests all year round.  In almost every case the pests are seeking food and shelter.  

Wasp nests.  What you need to know. 

Read our guide to wasp nests and learn about the safest course of action for removal.

How do I prevent bedbugs?

The most common ways for bedbugs to get into your home, is in clothing, luggage, or furniture.  Often, it is the eggs that become attached to these materials, which then transfer onto the soft furnishings in your home. If you think you might have bedbugs, please contact us straightaway before the problem increases.  We do not recommend you try to get rid of bed bugs yourself.

How to safely remove a pigeon problem

The desire to remove pigeons quickly is understandable. They can spread diseases and their droppings are corrosive. However, it is essential not to act by yourself.

Top tips to stop mice or rats from entering your property

While rats and mice are around in abundance all year long, they do tend to become more of a pest as the colder days set in.  During the summer months, food is readily available outside in their natural habitats, such as crops and berries.

Catching rats in London

Read our Q&A with our CEO, Jim England, about rat control services and rat removal services in London, and its surrounding areas.

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Protex provide an excellent & reliable service! I know I can be sure all jobs will be carried out quickly & reliably. We’ve never received a complaint about them from our tenants & we’ve never found fault with their work.
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Protex were extremely helpful and – most importantly – effective in dealing with a Pharoah Ants problem. They were also friendly and flexible with arrangements, overall a pleasure to deal with. Recommended!
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I want to commend the wonderful team (Gill and Olly) at Protex Pest Control Services for their integrity and professionalism. This firm has shown the characteristics of a worthy partner in our mission to offering the best of property management to our landlords and tenants.
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