How can you stop mice or rats from entering your property?

As we head into the colder season, the team here at Protex Pest Control get ready for the increase in call outs to deal with rats and mice.  Here’s our top tips to help you stop mice or rats entering your property.

While rats and mice are around in abundance all year long, they do tend to become more of a pest as the colder days set in.  During the summer months, food is readily available outside in their natural habitats, such as crops and berries.  Also, they can keep safe and warm within the long grass and bushes.

When autumn arrives, there is less food available, and the vegetation shrinks back.

Rats and mice will then begin to seek a new source of food and warmth.

This is when they will look for a route into homes and buildings.

Top tips to stop mice or rats from entering your property:

Close any gaps or holes outside

Rats and mice can enter your premises through small cracks, drains, pipes and air vents.  If you have a gap bigger than a biro pen, a mouse can fit through it.

Keep leaves and foliage away from your walls

A large pile of autumn leaves or lots of evergreen against your property will provide a comfortable hiding spot for rats and mice as they find a way into your home.   If you leave just over half a metre gap between your home and any vegetation you will help to prevent this from occurring.

Check inside for possible access routes

A mouse or rat will fit through a small gap created by a pipe coming into your home, such as a sink pipe.   Take a look under your kitchen cabinets and use wire wool to seal any gaps around your pipes. But don’t ever use wire wool around electric cables, as if it is introduced to a spark it can combust.

Ensure food is put away

Your rubbish bags are a welcome feast for a rat or a mouse.  Ensure any waste is inside a sealed bin and food is securely stored in containers or cupboards. This includes your pet food.

 If you already have mice or rats in your property contact us as quickly as possible.   Both species populate quickly and carry diseases such as salmonella and listeria through their urine, droppings and bedding.

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