Bedbugs – do I have them? How do I get rid of bedbugs?

How do I get rid of bedbugs?  Bedbugs are more common that most people think and are not just confined to the Victorian era.  They are very much in existence in current times.  There is no need to be embarrassed if you have bedbugs. It is better to deal with the problem quickly, get rid of the bedbugs and prevent further spread.

If you suspect you have bedbugs, then contact us straightaway.

Do I have bedbugs?

Bedbugs are small insects, often confused with fleas, but it is important to identify them correctly as the treatment for each is different.  A Protex Pest Control expert will confirm if you have bedbugs when they visit your property.

The most common bedbug is the Cimex lectularius.  They are oval, dark brown in colour and about the size of an apple seed. They do not fly but do move quickly across floors and walls.  Bedbugs can spread easily from one property to another in baggage, furniture and on clothing.  They feed on blood and typically at night, so a bed is the perfect environment for them to live.  However, they can survive anywhere that is close to a blood source from people or animals. This could include a sofa, chair or carpets.  Tell-tale signs of bedbugs are reddish brown spots on your bedding and bites on your skin which can be sore and itchy.

Bedbugs are typically found where there is a high human footfall, such as highly populated buildings, hostels, hotels, holiday camps and blocks of flats. They are most active during the warmer months of the year when they are feeding and mating, however, a warm indoor temperature means they can thrive all year round.  During cold periods they can become dormant and survive up to a year without feeding.

How can Protex Pest Control help me get rid of bedbugs?

All the Protex Pest Control Technicians are qualified to the stringent standards laid down by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).

When you contact us, we will arrange a time slot for one of our Protex Pest Control experts to visit you.   They will thoroughly assess your premises and provide you with a personalised bedbug treatment plan.  The plan will include the use of professional insecticides and instructions for you to ensure they can take effect over the course of the treatment.

How can I get rid of bedbugs myself?

It is not recommended to try to solve a bed bug problem with a DIY solution. Amateur pesticides are unlikely to be successful, and you will see the bedbug problem get worse instead of better.  It is believed that bedbugs have evolved to resist some insecticides, so the Protex Pest Control team will only use the latest professional solutions which are only available to the pest control trade.

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