Autumn Pest Proofing

Top tips from a pest control professional

During autumn, it’s time to think about pest proofing your property before the colder winter months arrive.  During the winter many pests will seek food and shelter in residential and commercial properties.  Prevention is always more efficient than cure, so read our top tips to help you prevent a pest invasion this winter.   

Seal up entry points.

Some pests can squeeze through even the smallest of cracks and holes, so it’s important to seal up any potential entry points around your home.  Check your walls, doors and windows, as well as vents, pipes, and other openings. Use a sealant or wire wool to fill in any gaps.  Remember mice can squeeze through a gap the width of a biro pen!

Remove food and water sources.

Pests will seek out food and water, so it’s important to remove access to any potential sources. This means keeping all food in airtight containers and in cupboards. Avoid keeping food, such as pet food, outside and ensure it’s in a sealed container.  Your rubbish can also be a pest’s heaven, so remember to put all waste into bags and place in a bin with a lid.

Deal with damp indoors.

Silverfish love those damp areas often found in bathrooms and kitchens.  And they tend to be worse during winter.  While silverfish aren’t dangerous, they are unpleasant and can destroy items such as books, wallpaper, carpets and clothes. You can help to prevent a silverfish infestation by dealing with the damp areas in your home, reducing moisture and humidity and keeping dark spaces and crevices clear from clutter.

Fix leaky outdoor taps and pipes.

Many pests, such as cockroaches also love moisture, so it’s important to fix any leaky taps or pipes in your home.  Damp properties are also attractive to rodents.  Both cockroaches and rats pose a serious health risk so it’s important to act quickly before an infestation gets out of control.

Keep your garden tidy.

Overgrown grass, weeds and wood piles supply ideal hiding places for pests such as mice and rats. Before winter sets in, don’t forget to cut the grass, trim back any trees or shrubs (particularly those close to your property walls) and regularly remove any piles of leaves or other debris.

Protect balconies, rooftops and window ledges.

Feral pigeons can breed all year round. A roof top or balcony provide a perfect winter home. Avoid the temptation to install DIY deterrents as the incorrect method could injure the birds and be ineffective.  A pigeon’s homing instinct also means they will stay close to the same area to breed for their entire lives. Therefore, a long-term solution is essential to keep the problem at bay. 

Our team of bird control experts advise property owners on the best type of bird deterrent for their premises.  This includes, bird gels, bird pointing, anti-perch spikes, bird wire or bird netting.

Get professional help.

If you need more advice or would prefer a professional to carry out a survey at your property, just email us or call us and ask about our pest prevention services.

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