Silverfish – how can I get rid of silverfish in my home?

Silverfish are not considered a threat to humans.  However, they can destroy items such as books, wallpaper, carpets and clothes. It can also be upsetting and unpleasant to find them in your home.    If you need to effectively get rid of silverfish, contact us today for a no obligation quotation.

What are silverfish?

If you find, silvery grey coloured insects in your home, which are cigar-shaped, approximately 12mm long, with six legs and two antennae, it’s likely you have a silverfish infestation.   They can also be called bristletails.  They seek out warm and moist spaces, like kitchens and bathrooms.  But they can also be present anywhere in the home in places that offer moisture and a food source.  They feed on starchy substances such as paper, glues, wallpaper paste and foods high in carbohydrates.

They will lay eggs in crevices within the home and will breed quickly.  This means an infestation can quickly escalate.

How can I get rid of silverfish?

It can be difficult to successfully remove silverfish yourself.  They can live for a long time without food or drink, so many baits that require ingestion will not work effectively.   They are also extremely effective at hiding and are nocturnal so they can be challenging to find.

If you use a chemical product, they can pose a risk to pets or children in your home.  Therefore, we always advise to seek the help of a professional in the first instance.

However, there are important actions you should take to prevent a future infestation.  This includes dealing with the damp areas in your home, reducing moisture and humidity and keeping dark spaces and crevices clear from clutter.

How can Protex Pest Control help me to get rid of silverfish?

Protex Pest Control will safely remove silverfish from your home. All our pest control Technicians are qualified to the stringent standards laid down by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).  We will carry out a thorough survey to identify all the areas where the silverfish are living in your home.  We will then apply the correct treatment to eliminate them safely and effectively.    Our technicians will also provide advice on measures you can take to prevent future infestations.

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