The top myths about pest control, busted.

If you find a pest in your property, you’ll want the problem solved as quickly as possible.  A quick search online will provide you with a range of pest control solutions and advice.  Unfortunately, there is a lot of information that you should treat with caution.  Read our pest control myths to ensure you don’t follow the wrong advice and potentially make the problem worse.

Myth 1. Only dirty properties attract pests.

Probably the most widespread myth is ‘only dirty properties attract pests.’  Common pests such as rats, mice and cockroaches will happily move into a clean home.   If they can find an access route, all they need is warmth and a food source.  Both of which they can still find in a clean environment. 

However, there is no doubt that poor hygiene is more likely to attract pests and encourage them to stay and populate.  Regular cleaning is essential, but you also need to ensure you store food carefully, rubbish is placed in sealed bags and placed in a bin with a lid, and all possible entry points are properly sealed.  

Myth 2 – If I wash my sheets, I’ll get rid of bed bugs.

It is true that sheets, clothes and soft furnishings washed on a high temperature can kill off bed bugs.  However, this is just one small step to getting rid of bedbugs permanently. They will live in many other areas in your home such as your mattress, sofa, cushions and carpets.  Bedbugs are difficult to remove yourself.  If not correctly treated, the problem will get worse.  This really is a job for the professionals.

Myth 3 – Spices / natural oils / scents will keep pests away.

There are lots of articles offering advice about which oils, scents and plants you can use to repel a wide range of pests.  While some scents may temporarily mask the smells that pests use to seek out food, it is a short-lived strategy.   In most cases, these strong-smelling scents will have little to no effect, and will not be of any use at all if you already have an infestation.  

Myth 4 – I can buy a product instore to get rid of pests.

You can buy a wide array of products instore and online that promise to solve your pest problem.  For some very mild cases, they might do the job.  But it is difficult to be certain you’ve treated all the necessary areas and have applied the correct application.   Our pest control team can solve your pest problems before they become a severe infestation.

For persistent pests such as bedbugs, rats, mice, silverfish, pharaohs ants and pigeons, off-the-shelf solutions are unlikely to solve the problem long term.   

Yes, we would say that wouldn’t we!  But time and time again, we visit clients who have tried to solve the problem with so called ‘cheaper solutions’ and instead of solving the infestation, it has got worse.  The time and cost to professionally remove the pests, will then be higher than it would have been initially. 

Importantly, our pest control technicians are qualified to the stringent standards laid down by the British Pest Control Association (BPCA).  They will have the correct equipment and solutions to solve your problem.  They will also ensure any waste is disposed in compliance with the applicable legal regulations.  

Myth 5 – Get rid of pigeons by feeding them rice

As legend goes, if you feed pigeons uncooked rice it will cause their stomachs to explode, because they cannot digest it. Thankfully this old tale is not true, because if it was, the impact would be gruesome.   It’s also worth highlighting, that you should use a professional before you try to remove birds or their eggs.  If bird deterrents such as spikes or netting aren’t installed correctly, they can trap or injure the birds.  What’s more, it is an offence to kill, injure or take any wild bird and damage or destroy its nest or eggs.  This includes pigeons.  Only those with a licence (such as Protex Pest Control) are permitted to move a wild bird’s nest when certain conditions are met.

Myth 6 – If I get a cat, I won’t get any mice or rats.

Sorry to say, this one isn’t wholly true.  Our feline friends can be a deterrent if they catch all the perpetrators before they find a way into your home.  But they cannot solve the problem if the rodents have already settled and are breeding in your property.   What’s more, our cats are usually so well fed, they lack the incentive to go on a regular rodent hunt, even if they do bring the odd one home as a gift for you.  We still love them though!

And finally…

If you are worried about pests in your home or business premises, get in touch for a no obligation quotation.  If you want to go ahead, we’ll agree a convenient time for one of our Protex Pest Control experts to visit your property.  They will assess your premises and provide a personalised treatment plan. All our treatments are professional, safe and effective.   We will also recommend actions you can take to prevent any future infestations.

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