Pharaoh Ants – Finding and removing the tiny terrors from your home

Pharaoh Ants Removal Services in London.

The first sign of a Pharaoh Ant infestation is often when the property owner sees the ants walking across the floor or up the walls. You are most likely to spot them near food sources, water sources, or around their nesting areas. Their nests are often very well hidden, making them difficult to detect. Common nesting sites include wall voids, skirting boards and furniture.

Wasp nests.  What you need to know.

Wasp nest removal in London

Wasps nest season is on its way. These unwelcome guests can be a concern when they build a nest near or in your home, especially for those with allergies. It is important to know how to handle a wasp nest situation calmly and effectively. Read our guide to wasp nests and learn about the safest course of action for removal.

Why DIY pigeon control can backfire.

Pigeon control and bird control services in London

Many Londoners, frustrated by pigeon problems, might consider tackling the issue themselves. However, trying DIY pigeon removal and bird deterrents can often backfire, leading to bigger problems and potential harm. Hiring a professional bird control expert in London is the wiser choice.