Keep the pests away from your BBQ

The sun is out, so let’s get the BBQ out… alfresco dining here we come!  But while you may have invited guests to join you, there will be some pests that are not welcome at your BBQ.  Read our handy guide to keeping the pests away from your BBQ.


A BBQ on a sunny day will inevitably entice wasps, especially later in the summer season.  Early on their diet tends to be protein based so they will eat other insects such as aphids and flies and spiders.  Later in the summer their diet shifts more to carbohydrate foods, and they will be attracted by sugars.  The smell of your BBQ meat will be particularly compelling.   Ensure your meat is tightly covered and you put any leftovers away quickly.    If you have waste, ensure it is disposed of quickly in a bin with a lid and keep your bins as far away from your BBQ guests as possible.

You may also be best leaving your brightly coloured or floral-patterned clothes for another day.    Wasps love flowers and will be attracted to them to investigate.

If you notice a high volume of wasps or a wasp’s nest, don’t attempt to remove it yourself.  If wasps feel threatened or if their nest is disturbed, they will become aggressive and that is when they will sting.  To remove a wasp nest please contact us on 020 8361 7467.


Much like the wasp, flies are attracted by the scents from your food and drinks.   It is important to keep all your food tightly covered and your surfaces clean.  Flies do not have great table manners; they will vomit their saliva onto your food or food surfaces and then suck up the liquid. This can result in food or surfaces that are contaminated with bacteria.  Flies also love bins, so ensure they are cleaned regularly and the lids are firmly shut.

If you have open doors or windows, a flyscreen will reduce the number of flies that get into your home.  Scents such as citronella, cinnamon, lavender, eucalyptus, peppermint and lemongrass may also help to keep a few of these pesky pests away.


Ants are continually on the search for food and will be first in the queue to join your BBQ.  They particularly love sweet foodstuffs which they take back to the nest to feed to the larvae and queen.  This includes any drink spillages in your garden.

To minimise the number of ants gate-crashing your party, clean up any spills, dropped food and crumbs as quickly as possible.

If you notice a large number of ants or they start to invade your home, contact us on 020 8361 7467 to resolve the problem for you.

Rats or mice

You are unlikely to see rats or mice at your BBQ, they will wait until the party is over to enjoy your leftover food and any scraps left in the garden.  Ensure you clean up all your rubbish and avoid leaving leftovers outside for your pets.

Rats and mice are a health risk, they carry diseases, which can spread through their urine or from contact with food preparation areas.   If rats or mice get into your home, contact us for professional help.

We can also carry out preventative pest control measures in your home to stop them coming back again in the future.

Enjoy your BBQ

It is impossible to prevent all pests from your BBQ.  The ability to dine outside with your garden’s natural inhabitants is all part of the fun.

However, by taking these simple steps you can help to prevent it getting out of control.

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