Accredited pest control supplier for the public sector

Protex Pest Control is an accredited pest control supplier to the public sector.   We are fully insured, BPCA accredited and CEPA certified to EN 16636.

We provide preventative pest control measures and reactive pest control services to local authorities, schools, and local councils.  Our team of qualified technicians ensure all our work is fully compliant with the Prevention of Damage by Pests Act 1949, The Food Safety Act 1990 and The Control of Substances Hazardous to Health (COSHH) Regulations 2002.

Anticipate and prevent pest risks posed by mice, rats and pigeons

In addition to helping local councils to safely control rats, mice and wasp nests in their district, the Protex Pest Control Bird Division has worked with a wide range of public sector establishments to control the damaging effects of pigeons and gulls.

Birds such as pigeons and gulls may carry food-borne diseases and are considered a public health risk.   Their droppings are acidic and can cause stonework, metals and brickwork to erode.  The unsightly mess they cause to business premises can be off putting to customers and costly.

At Protex Pest Control, our experienced team will solve the problem, using the appropriate bird deterrent solution.  We will also clean the building of any guano and install the correct measures to prevent recurrence. Our bird netting is a low-profile, discreet control measure.

The cost of all Protex Pest Control bird control solutions is highly competitive as we have our own inhouse abseiling experts to deal with high buildings and multi-story installations, repairs or removals.

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