There are many species of moth, the most common moths that can cause problems are the Brown House Moth, the White Shouldered House Moth and the Flour Moth.

All of them are textile pests whose grubs eat natural fabrics.

The Brown House Moth is the most common of the ‘clothes moths’ and can be identified by their bronze wings with black flecks.  The adult can grow up to 18mm long and prefers to run rather than fly.  They will feed on cloth made from wool, hair, fur or feathers.  They will also eat cork or debris from food such as dried fruit or cereals.

The White Shouldered House Moth has a white head and “shoulders” where the wings join the body. It lays its eggs on fabrics, so the larvae (which look like white caterpillars) can then feed. The larvae are creamy-white caterpillars with brown heads.  Then will then create cocoons and emerge as moths to repeat the cycle.

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