Generally, we will all have chased a few flies out of our homes during the summer.    However, an infestation of flies is a different matter.

Almost all flies have an unpleasant way to feed.  They will vomit their saliva onto the food or food surfaces and then suck up the liquid. This can result in food that is contaminated with bacteria.  The bacteria can cause food poisoning, dysentery, typhoid or even cholera in countries where these occur.

Excellent hygiene standards are essential, to allow you to prevent a fly infestation. Waste should be carefully bagged and removed from the premises regularly.  For business owners, fly screens, lids on all bins and well-sealed containers will help to keep your customers safe. Aerosols, sticky fly papers and ultra-violet electric fly killers will also help to keep any problems at bay.

However, if you have a persistent problem or need help with your preventative measures contact us today.

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